to play cailleach
Format: 35mm/Beta SP PAL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Optical Sound/Stereo Sound
R/T 6.5 mins 2002

Cork & Galway & Derry Ireland, Oberhaussen
Dresden & Braunschweig Germany,
Anima Brussels, Tehran Iran, Seattle USA,
Melbourne & Sydney Australia,
Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo Brazil,
KROK Ukraine, Nova Scotia, Manchester &
Bradford England, Sienna Italy, Bilbao Spain.
An Cailleach Bhéarra attempts a poetic treatment of a folktale associated with the Beara peninsula in County Cork. In his 'Book of the Cailleach' Gearóid O' Crualaoich recounts several stories featuring the 'cailleach' (old hag, otherworld female, mother-earth, sovereignty queen or witch), two fragments of which make up this film. One is where the 'cailleach' is challanged by the Christian church on the issue of her longevity; the other where her ability to maintain the cycle of nature is threatened by the increasing onslaught of industrialization. The film uses time-lapse photography and pixillation with a large scale puppet in real landscape.

"Animator Naomi Wilson's original vision and playful inventiveness enlivens this retelling of a traditional Irish legend with striking images that will remain with us for a long time to come" - Andrew Knotting, Cork Film Festival, 2006.